The cobas® cardio campaign for Roche Diagnostics.
Find out how we ensured that the brand identity was consistently 
implemented around the world. And thereby increased awareness.

THE Situation

20 countries, 4 continents, 1 brand. Plus a complex product that 
wasn’t getting the recognition it deserved. Despite three years 
on the market, the brand wasn’t established. Hardly surprising – it was portrayed differently in every corner of the world.



We began by involving everyone – from Asia to the US. By understanding 
their cultural requirements we were able to ensure the campaign met 
their individual needs. 

We created a range of material from brochures to print ads targeted 
at different medical disciplines. All with consistent wording and imagery. 
Plus a comprehensive marketing toolkit for the local subsidiaries that 
defined how the campaign elements should be implemented.

Doctor, white coat, stethoscope? Not here! 
The stock material of 90% of medical adverts means they don’t 
stand out. Instead, we took a complex subject and set it in
everyday situations showing normal people. After all, they‘re 
the ones the medicine is all about.

Stuck in a hole? Not us.
Intelligent use of circular scenes and objects ensured maximum 
visual impact using the ring form of the existing CI. A diverse range 
of settings and actors provided material to meet different needs. 
And different cultures.


Lost for words? Never!
To complement the visual language of the campaign, we chose 
a question and answer headline style that reflected the imagery, 
highlighted the product benefit and was rounded off 
by the claim “Life needs answers”. All completely consistent.


A campaign that allowed local subsidiaries to fulfil their local needs 
while retaining and promoting consistent brand identity and messaging. 
The brand was quickly established and global brand awareness 
increased rapidly.