Product naming for Itron.
Smart gas meters, prepay solutions or accessories – in an 
extensive product range for all needs. And every country. 
Read one example of how we implemented a product 
naming project for Itron that works across the globe and helped 
the brand find its own identity. And with it, greater resonance.

The Situation

Large, unattractive, grey. Noisy, too! Traditional domestic gas meters don’t 
usually blend in too well with modern home décor. So when modern 
electronics and ultrasound measurement techniques enable you to design 
your next generation gas meter in a compact housing that’s unobtrusive 
and aesthetically pleasing, you need a name that does it justice.



To avoid cultural issues from the outset, we put together a multinational 
team of talented creatives. Thanks to their collective linguistic and 
cross-cultural expertise, a shortlist of potential names was produced. 
Complete with initial trademark checks. From a detailed questionnaire, 
we received more than 150 responses from around the world representing 
20 different languages. Embarrassing negative connotations were thus 
avoided and ease of pronunciation assured.

Branding wide of the mark? This one’s on target.
Meters, modems, software – a complex array of products, 
all with different designations and features. As part of the new 
branding process, we developed a graphical representation 
of the entire product family.

Is a straight line the shortest route to understanding? Not always!
Sometimes, a traditional linear table isn‘t the best way of understanding 
complex relationships. In this case, we began by putting common 
functionality at the centre of the graphic, working outwards radially. 
In doing so, we made it much easier to understand where each 
product and service in Itron's range of gas products fits in the portfolio.


Atreva® – an attractive name for an attractive product. One that 
communicates the product aesthetic, found quick acceptance from 
utilities and consumers, and differentiates it from the competition. 
All around the world.


Does a technical product have to have a technical name? Of course not.
A good name should set you apart, not fade into the background. 
The launch of a completely new technology range gave us the opportunity 
to move away from simple product designations to something that gives 
the name both an identity and a personality.